Mark Bubel

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Mark Bubel is a UX designer at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Intranet redesign

Redesigning the information architecture of an intranet homepage.

2017. US Dept. of HUD.

Augmenting staff ability with AI

Prototyping a chatbot to improve customer service delivery.

2017. US Dept. of HUD.

Improving customer service with a CRM

Researching current customer service process to improve future state.

2017. US Dept. of HUD.


A wearable that helps people with fear of public speaking to overcome their anxiety.

2015–2016. University College London.

Redesign of a sexual health website.

2015. University College London.


A wearable device that helps the blind and low vision users see with sound.

2016. University College London.

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